meeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooooowwwwwww 😺 😺 😺

hey, we are anftimals.

We are an NFT project based on the Hedera Network. And yes, we’re trying to escape the Zoo asap to get to the Promised Land: #Hederadise.

Lots of animals have heard about the Hedera land and can’t wait to become #anftimals. They say that in Hederadise, transaction fees are below $0.01, finality around 3-5 seconds and kWh/transaction around 0.00017. Most still don’t believe it.

In the next days and months, we’re gonna need your help to get there. Giveaways and different prizes will await for those who support us from the very beginning.

So please, stay tuned and join us on this amazing journey.


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Current Project Status


brand concept

First we defined what #anftimals was going to be, where is headed and why are we here. Stay tunned for the whole story.


design & build

Then, the creative process starts. Lots of sketches to finally get the anftimal designs we had in our minds. Got’em!


live on mainnet!

On 10/25/21 we minted the first hCat ever on the Hedera Network. And yes, this is just the beginning.

ideas? collabs? wanna say meow? reach us at ->

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